Friday, April 15, 2011

Time to catch up...

I love teaching and could not imagine doing anything else. However, I also love the holidays! Teaching is very 'full on' as parents' expectations and the expectations of the government and school leadership continue to rise. Add to this mix the lists of responsibilities that seem to grow exponentially as well as the need for constant reflection on lessons taught/student learning and how best to differentiate.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about holidays for me is they certainly help to keep me sane. Having the change of pace to look forward to and set my sights on is great.

These school holidays, I am really enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I also like having a less frantic pace that enables greater opportunity for thinking about student progress and teaching/learning goals for next term. Another highlight of holidays is finding time to gain even more ideas from my amazing PLN on Twitter (and hopefully share a few useful ideas as well). Lastly, I finally have time to catch up with some study - an assignment identifying an area of literacy need and professional development focus, followed by an outline of a plan of intervention. Still very much in the research and drafting stages; however, I can tell you the focus is in the area of teaching spelling more effectively. (More details in a later post!)

I have had a fantastic Term One, with great classes, lovely students (year 5 and year 8), interesting subjects to teach (English, Geography, Wellbeing, Sport) and very supportive parents. During March, my amazing year 5 students surprised me with a birthday gift - a voucher for a 2.5 hour Endota Spa session. So, having just spent my afternoon being pampered - massage, foot bath, facial, body scrub, clay wrap etc, I am definitely starting to feel more energised already and still overwhelmed by their generosity.

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